If you have a property in Tuscany which is still on the market unsold, or if you want to make an investment in London, rely on our specialized networks on the foreign market.

In 2015, we opened an office in the United Kingdom on the outskirts of London, where one of the members of our team recently moved. We are looking for properties in Tuscany to offer on the British market, since always, one of the most important European real estate showcases.

We also specialize in the sale of properties in UK, where the real estate market has remained unaffected by the world crisis and has recorded strong performances year after year. In and around London, the market is in constant growth, and guarantees an increase in value superior to 10% per year, and yields from rents of around 5% per year. Since always, one of the most secure and stable markets in the world.

We have created two specialized sites for the UK market

These are our contacts:

Simone Donati
+39 339.7852243
+44 7578 636699